Okay, so you have a business plan - but do you have a life balance plan? After all, making your business a success is a marathon, not a sprint. So it's important to pace yourself by recharging your internal batteries on a regular basis. This can really help your business thrive!

Stay focused
It's easy to lose sight of personal needs when you're caught up in the excitement of building your business. That's why you have to approach your personal life just as you do your business life. Decide what your priorities and values are. After all, spending time with your children or enjoying a vacation aren't just indulgences; they're activities that provide you with a fresh perspective on life.

Be organized
Sometimes it takes real organisation skills to find time for relaxation. So set up a schedule for your personal time if you have to - commit to a set number of personal hours every week, and be strict with yourself. You'll be more likely to stick to the schedule and once you've made personal time part of your weekly routine, you'll find the benefits will help you keep going.

Don't cross the line
If you're a home-based business, try to set a distinct line between work and home time. Leave work at the office, even when the office is only steps away. Commit to having dinner with the family every night, or not working on weekends.